Tuesday, September 30, 2014

There is a Hostess Promotion on right now!

This is a pretty small picture to show you the gorgeousness of this stamp set:

The sweetness of this deal is that if you host a party in October with sales of $325 or more, you get this stamp set in ADDITION to your hostess rewards! That is something to celebrate!

So let me know when you want your party!

{If you live out of province & you still would really like this stamp set, I'll tell  you what you can do. You could get your friends together for what I call a catalogue party. You browse the catalogue, share ideas & select what you want to purchase. I can still order it for you & you get it shipped straight to you & you still get the stamp set!}

And in case you are not sure yet, here are some pictures of cards where I used this stamp set already:

This one is my all time favorite. Gold & Coastal Cabana.

Okay, so I have a fixation on this four feathers stamp set & framelits. Forgive me. But really I'm not sorry. I was just wanting to show you the absolute beauty of those hand-lettered style of the stamps.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Organic Bamboo & White Canisters & a little design inspiration!


I just thought I would share with you a little how my design process goes.

I haven't designed anything new for quite awhile. (that means maybe for 4 or 5 weeks now). Today I stopped in at Gayle's neat little store, Craftzilla. And I swooned over the neatest little canister set. 

I want them. I really like the simple design. Not much to them and yet ever so pretty. I find I am really attracted to simple design. Less is more they say. 

I cannot find any picture of one like it. I am loathe to spend more time online than I have to. So you will have to visualize it yourself I guess.

I came home & the vision of it still spun in my head. Suddenly I said: Wonder if I could use it as an inspiration for a card? And here is what I came up with. 

This isn't what the canisters looked like at all.


But what happened is that I was trying to duplicate the horizontal lines from the canister & they reminded me of corrugated cardboard. And so because I am really liking the kraft, & red & cream combo right now, I quick created a Christmas card.

And then before I got too carried away, I duplicated the page & went back to the original idea:

(I'll let you MDS users in on the details so you can play with this idea on your own programs.)

 I enlarged the lines so they would look bigger, more like the canisters. I used Very Vanilla on the background as well as the lines. I changed the drop shadow for the line to crumb cake. (I used a background pattern in Presto Patterns digital download for the lines. Something with the lines close together works great.)

And the canisters had this rectangle with the plain writing where it said 'tea' 'coffee' and 'sugar' so I used my square punch to make a rectangle, moved the drop shadow to the top & left to hopefully create the illusion of it being recessed. (Not too successful on that part, though. A little better than the other way, I am thinking.) I left the staple in. I just like the added detail there.

Here I changed the rectangle to the flag shape and changed the font to the clean & simple style that the canisters had.

And then one more idea:

Here I had tried to add some red in the font but I disliked that idea. So I added a real red grosgrain ribbon bow & cropped it. One part for the folded ribbon look & two pieces of the tails for the other side. Added the drop shadow in Sahara Sand. I can't tell you the reasoning behind using Sahara Sand for the drop shadow on the details but Crumb Cake on the lines. But I like the subtle difference.(And by the way, I think I may be changing the shadow color more often. I've tried it before, but I finally clue in today that it makes more difference if you have a light background.)

I want to go order these printed immediately.

What do you think? What do you look for when you buy a card?

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Welcome to my blog!

I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. 

I like to make cards.

I also like to make a lot of things. Like home decor, wall hangings, add detail to candles, you name it. There are so many things that I like to make that I can't even make use of all of them. I enjoy it when others can enjoy my creations too. And because when I am having fun creating something to hang on my wall for example, I'll likely get another idea and that idea fuels another one. So I started out making 1 thing and end up with 5! So I am going to say that if you see something here, likely I'll be willing to sell it. First come, first serve. I won't guarantee you that I'll ever make another one. But then again, maybe I would. If you would like it, you had better say so! Contact me & I'll see if we can make a deal for you!

It's just the way it works for me. Start out making 1 thing and up with a lot more. Sometimes I love something for awhile, then it moves on. Not that I don't like it anymore. No, mostly to make room for something else I'm liking at the moment.

I will also try to keep things as current as possible here. That way you may get the advantage of promotions & deals that Stampin' Up! offers.

Have a great day!