Saturday, September 12, 2015


Oh am I ever celebrating today. I think I'm gonna do a little twirly dance & sing as loudly as I can. Because you know what? I did it. I got my birth announcements finally posted online! Truth!

I have been working so hard at getting my birth announcement designs ready to post online. It seemed like it would take forever. And I have done it today! You can see them here and here!

I love the graphic arts designing that this takes & I can create for hours & completely lose track of time. So this project has been a joy. The hardest part is finishing, saying its done. Its good. In the end I told myself that maybe I don't have to say its finished. Just maybe this is part of life, the continuing to work with the design, perfecting, playing, trying new ideas... Besides its great for my customers, they are not limited to just a few designs. There are more options this way.

As you browse you will notice that lots of the designs have several options to choose from... I did that for you. You are most welcome.

So now to kick off this celebration I decided to show you some birth announcements up just a little closer.


This first one has a modern chalkboard style background & a Summer Starfruit colored font. It just looks so fun & playful. And what is awesome about this is that if fits right in there with the chalkboard style that is so popular right now!

This next one has a little more refined taste with a clean gray background. But a little playfulness comes in with that white swirl detail on the top & bottom...

And this last one is so clean & fresh. It just looks so very stylish.  I often have a hard time deciding which one is my favorite. This last one just might be, but that might just be prejudice because I designed it today. Its my newest creation. So then its a little like a baby. The baby, you know, is always the favorite. 

Just for you: the colors in all of these designs can be made to suit your tastes. Isn't that just fabulous!!!

Wishing you all a great day!