Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I've added pictures of wedding invitations to my blog... You can see ALL the pictures here.

I do just love to design and wedding invitations are no different. I know there are a lot of different wedding invitations available already, I definitely specialize in custom design, making sure it suits the couples tastes and desires.

I will customize design, color and fonts to make it easier for you to co-ordinate your wedding. If you have a picture of something that you would like then send it on to me. My email address is:

Linen, matte & glossy card stocks are available. Prices will vary by size and paper style. 

Here is a sample of one of the designs: modern, fun & clean. The colors are a basic grey & light pink. 

All wedding invitations would be professionally printed and include a designed reverse side -this is a perfect spot for reception details!

This is the suggested reverse side for this design:

Here is another variation to this design - this one is not quite as restrained and a little fun with that ampersand and a little more flirty pink!

All samples shown here measure 5x7 but other sizes are available. 

Contact me on the sidebar for ordering or if you have questions.


  1. These wedding invitations are way too adorable! Thanks a lot for sharing it. I am going to attend a royal wedding ceremony at beautiful Malibu wedding venues next month. Very excited for this one and have high expectations.