Welcome to the old White Orchid website...  

Changes have been happening slowly and I'm moving my products over to a new website that will hopefully serve you better. You can find it right here: www.thewhiteorchid.net

If you don't see something that you used to see or would like to purchase...   please contact me through this website or the new one.

Now on to the ramble of myself:

I am Jane, the founder & the loveable madness behind this website and blog.

Some of the things that make me catch my breath & smile are the awesome sky views I get here on the prairies, the golds & browns and reds of autumn, and the shadows on the snowdrifts on a sunny day in winter.

I love to be creative in so many ways - painting, landscaping & forever working on organization within my home. There is nothing quite so exciting to me as finally finding the right place for something - a place that works.

Well - nothing quite so exciting except that I also love paper & ink - the gloriousness of pattern on paper and getting it all together. I've been known to do little happy dances when something works together and looks so beautiful & stunning. 

And so here I am helping you celebrate life's little moments with beautiful stationery to fit your style and your life. 

So grab a cup of coffee & join me in the fun.